ADHD and managing workplace issues

When you commence a job you will go through what is called an induction program. This program introduces you to the organisation, processes, policies and procedures of the workplace. There are processes to manage workplace hazards and conflicts. Usually there are signs on noticeboards to alert you to your response in emergency situations and your responsibilities. What causes people the most concern in the workplace are the day to day things that can go wrong and sometimes these can seem the most difficult to manage.


Remembering your ADHD symptoms and how they affect you, you need to think about how you will manage things when they go wrong. Let’s look at a workplace and some things that could go wrong and how these things can be managed:

Job tasks

You find that when you arrive at your start time you are spending too much time getting organised and then not getting your work done.

Possible solution: arrive at work 15 minutes earlier, review your work tasks for the day and create yourself a manageable schedule to break down the workload and achieve tasks incrementally through the day.

Work hours

Your work hours change and you only have a short time to re-organise yourself and possibly your family routines.

Possible solution: speak with your line manager or supervisor to negotiate a review of the change to work hours so that you can put things in place to get yourself organised.


Your workplace has been restructured and where you work now is in a busy part of the building where you are constantly distracted.

Possible solution: speak with your line manager and let them know you are having a difficulty managing your work in this new location and request a move to a quieter space with less distractions.

Job requirements

You have been given a promotion at work. You have been comfortable with your current job and the routine that you have established. You have concerns that you won’t manage this new role.

Possible solution: speak to the person who had the job before you and ask them to help you understand the new role and what it is that you have to do. Also speak to your supervisor and identify your concern.

Days off

You need to take some days off because you have the flu. You are worried that you will lose your job.

Possible solution: phone your boss and tell him/her you have been to the doctor and have the flu. Identify that the doctor suggests a period of time off and you have a certificate. Your boss will then know for how long they may have to replace you for.

There is a solution to most things that can go wrong in the workplace. The key is communication and knowing who the person is that you speak to if you have any issues or if things go wrong. Things will go wrong and we just need to learn how to manage them. Review your induction package if you have any other concerns.

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