Make an Appointment

If you have ADHD, an autism spectrum disorder or an intellectual disability when you need to make an appointment, you may benefit from a step by step process to help you. How To Make an Appointment is ready to download with text and visuals or a text only version to help you.

1. Locate phone number for service

<p>1. Locate phone number for service</p>

2. Phone and make an appointment

<p>2. Phone and make an appointment</p>

3. Locate place to record appointment

<p>3. Locate place to record appointment</p>

4. Record the time, date and location

<p>4. Record the time, date and location</p>

5. Make arrangements to get to appointment

<p>5. Make arrangements to get to appointment</p>

6. Dress appropriately

<p>6. Dress appropriately</p>

7. Get money or card to pay

<p>7. Get money or card to pay</p>

8. Travel to location

<p>8. Travel to location</p>

9. Check in at reception

<p>9. Check in at reception</p>

10. Take direction from receptionist

<p>10. Take direction from receptionist</p>

11. Proceed with appointment

<p>11. Proceed with appointment</p>

12. Pay the bill

<p>12. Pay the bill</p>

13. Exit

<p>13. Exit</p>

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