Checklist for General Safety

Accessing the community is desirable and enjoyable but can be fraught with difficulties if developmentally your child has not learnt the required skills or if you don’t have a plan for management in case the community activity goes wrong. The following are some things for you to consider prior to accessing the community.

1. Is the environment familiar to my child and myself?

2. How long can my child successfully be in an unfamiliar environment?

3. Have I got the visual supports ready for the day?

4. Have I got the visual supports ready for the transitions and activities?

5. Is the environment safe?

6. Are there environmental stimuli that may set my child off?

7. Where is my child at with their play skills?

8. Have I got a copy of ‘About Me” in case my child gets lost?

9. Is my phone fully charged?

10. Do I have supplies, eg. snacks, change of clothes, medication?

11. Do I have my child’s comfort toy/security item with us?

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