ID, adults and managing at home

Home activities and your responsibility for managing these will vary for each person. For those adults with a severe Intellectual Disability(ID) you may continue to live with your family or in shared accommodation, with the support of carers to help you manage all aspects of your life. Others with a less severe ID may also continue to live with their family or independently by themselves, with a partner or group of friends.

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Whatever the circumstances of your living arrangements as an adult you need to manage your leisure time and also home responsibilities. It is important that you identify the things that need to be managed during the weekdays and what can be put off until the weekend and bigger things that can be managed during longer breaks at holiday times.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you need to consider:

  • What does my day require- work, study, trainee-ship, community programs
  • What time does my day start- I will need to be organised in the morning to have everything done and be ready to go
  • What time does my day end- what can I do on the way home and what do I need to do when I get home
  • How do I manage evening leisure, social commitmentsdo I have team game, a date, family get together
  • Do I have a family- what commitments do I have for my family that I need to manage, supervise homework, take children to sports training, help prepare a meal etc
  • What household duties do I need to do- washing clothes, cooking dinner, do shopping

Once you have considered these things you will then know how much time you will have for leisure activities at home during the week. As an adult you have a workload at home as well as at your job. If you get organised you will be able to set aside some time for leisure at home during the week and weekends.

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