Make a Cup of Tea

Making a cup of tea requires caution and concentration as you are using appliances and managing boiling water. If you are an individual with an autism spectrum disorder, an intellectual disability or ADHD you might find a task sheet to help with this beneficial. How To Make a Cup of Tea is ready to download with text and visuals or a text only version to help you.

1. Locate jug, cup and teaspoon

<p>1. Locate jug, cup and teaspoon</p>

2. Fill with jug with enough water to make tea

<p>2. Fill with jug with enough water to make tea</p>

3. Place jug on bench top

<p>3. Place jug on bench top</p>

4. Plug in, turn power on

<p>4. Plug in, turn power on</p>

5. Get a tea bag and place in a cup

<p>5. Get a tea bag and place in a cup</p>

6. Wait for jug to boil

<p>6. Wait for jug to boil</p>

7. Pour boiling water into cup

<p>7. Pour boiling water into cup</p>

8. Jiggle tea bag

<p>8. Jiggle tea bag</p>

9. Add milk and sweetener if required

<p>9. Add milk and sweetener if required</p>

10. Remove tea bag

<p>10. Remove tea bag</p>

11. Stir with spoon

<p>11. Stir with spoon</p>

12. Turn jug off

<p>12. Turn jug off</p>

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