Transition Checklist for Secondary School

This checklist provides a guide to some questions that could help you think about your teenagers’ needs, organise your thoughts and help to put into action a plan for Secondary School. While this is a guide and you will have further questions, consider printing this checklist to help you begin your investigation, add your further questions which will be specific to your teenager and record the information for further reflection after the visits.

1. Are there benefits of continuing with the primary school peer group?

2. What is total student enrolment of this school?

3. How many year 7 students will there be?

4. What will be the average class size?

5. How are classrooms organised?

6. Do the teachers have knowledge of the learning and environmental needs of a teenager with additional learning needs?

7. Are their other students enrolled with additional learning needs?

8. How is the school day organised?

9. How many buildings will my son/daughter have to move to during a day?

10. How many teachers will my son/daughter interact with on a daily basis?

11. Is there a locker system for books and belongings?

12. What time does the school day start and end?

13. Are there before or after school commitments required by the school?

14. Are there weekend commitments required by the school?

15. What is the process for enrolment?

16. Is there the possibility for a dual enrolment with a specialist school?

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