Scrape Food Scraps from Plates

Cleaning plates at the end of the meal is important so that dishwashers or sink pipes do not get clogged with food scraps. How To Scrape Food Scraps from Plates is a step by step approach to teaching someone to assist in this task. It can be downloaded with text and visuals or a text only version.

1. Get rubbish bin out

<p>1. Get rubbish bin out</p>

2. Get paper towel

<p>2. Get paper towel</p>

3. Tear off one piece

<p>3. Tear off one piece</p>

4. Hold plate in one hand

<p>4. Hold plate in one hand</p>

5. Wipe paper towel over plate

<p>5. Wipe paper towel over plate</p>

6. Let food scraps fall into bin

<p>6. Let food scraps fall into bin</p>

7. Place plate on the bench

<p>7. Place plate on the bench</p>

8. Continue for other plates

<p>8. Continue for other plates</p>

9. When finished put paper towel in bin

<p>9. When finished put paper towel in bin</p>

10. Put bin away

<p>10. Put bin away</p>

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