ASD and supported employment

If you have an associated learning disability such as an Intellectual Disability(ID) or a further disability that impedes your access to independent employment along with your ASD then there is the possibility that a supported employment option may be something that you wish to consider. Supported employment enables you to have another adult with you for a period of time to assist you to understand the functioning of the workplace, the requirements of the work, how to manage the daily requirements and to answer questions for you or on behalf of you with your boss.


Transition to supported employment may commence with work experience while you are still at school. Think about whether the pathways you are thinking about are realistic for you. Consider how your ASD and learning disability might impact upon your choices. Your teachers and family will assist you to make career directions that will be successful for you.

In considering these pathways you need to think about the support (reasonable adjustments) that will be required for you in the workplace. Consider also the skills you have in things like communication, problem solving, planning and organisation and time management. If you need to work on these skills ask your teachers to practice these skills with you while you are still at school.

There are a further set of work skills that employers consider and they are your ability to work in a team and by yourself. An employer needs to know that you will be a positive person who can get along with other people.

Supported employment can come in a number forms. It may mean that you work in a less demanding work environment for people with special needs and it could also mean that a support person works alongside you initially to help you with your work tasks.

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