Phone My Boss

Sometimes you may need to phone your boss. It could be that you are running late for work, you’re sick and unable to come to work or you are at another work location and need to give your boss some information.

1. Locate the phone number

<p>1. Locate the phone number</p>

2. Dial the number

<p>2. Dial the number</p>

3. Put the phone to your ear

<p>3. Put the phone to your ear</p>

4. Say ‘hello this is….(your name)

<p>4. Say ‘hello this is….(your name)</p>

5. Say why you are ringing

<p>5. Say why you are ringing</p>

6. Remember anything your boss tells you

<p>6. Remember anything your boss tells you</p>

7. Say thank you and end the call

<p>7. Say thank you and end the call</p>

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