SSG Meeting Preparation

The Student Support Group meeting is an opportunity to celebrate achievements, evaluate, modify and extend your child’s plan. It is a good idea to do some pre planning for the meeting. If this is your first or your tenth meeting you still need to go to the meeting prepared. The following is a guide to things you might what to consider as general discussion points for the meeting.

1. Who will be attending the meeting from the school?

2. Who do I want to bring with me to the meeting?

3. What information do I want to share / hear at the meeting?

4. What are my child’s academic needs?

5. What are my child’s social and emotional needs?

6. What are my child’s behavioural needs?

7. What are my child’s environmental considerations?

8. Who will develop my child’s Individual Learning Plan?

9. What supports and monitoring for the Plan will be put in place?

10. When do I get a copy of the Plan?

11. When will the next meeting be held?

12. Who do I contact for further discussion if need prior to the next meeting?

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