ASD and issues to consider when changing employment

People change employment throughout their adult life for a number of reasons. Many people can get bored with a job, others leave a job for a promotion or to try something completely new and some people have their jobs terminated. As an adult with ASD you may choose to stay in your job because it possibly took you a long time to get. Due to the challenges with communication and social interaction, your current boss and co-workers may have welcomed you into the workplace and adjusted the environment to help you.


Some adults with ASD are not so lucky and often encounter challenges from their colleagues and boss as they are unable or unwilling to make adjustments for you. These barriers could be the reason you might consider a change in employment. Despite the challenges and discussions within a workplace there might come a time where you lose your job and you will need to recommence to process of finding a job  again.

If you have been successful in gaining employment through the open job market you may consider changing employment due to a promotional position becoming available or to get a job closer to home or to try something in a completely different line of work. If you are considering applying for a new position you will need to update your resume and if you are successful in gaining an interview you will need to prepare for this.

Many adults with ASD have been successful in gaining employment in supported employment businesses and adult day centres. This experience may have led to you gaining new skills and the confidence to try to gain a different type of job or one that pays a better wage. If you find yourself in this position, you may wish to look for a new job. In this instance you will need to update your resume and go through the job application process again.

Adults with ASD can be a great asset to a company or business. Despite the challenges with communication and social interaction, people with ASD have many strengths that make them highly valuable employees. You may have an attention to detail that other employees do not always have, you may excel at repetitive tasks, you may have specific technological skills, or may have other highly tuned skills. When thinking about applying for another job remember to re-assess your skills and highlight these in your resume and application letter.

If you get to thinking about changing jobs remember you will have to recommence the job seeking process again. Changing employment is a great opportunity even if it isn’t your choice to do so. It provides an opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people.

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