Adults, ASD and holidays

Holidays and weekends are for relaxing, having unstructured time and doing the things that you didn’t do during the week. As an adult with ASD you will know what ability you have to manage this and some of you may require assistance in this area. The responsibilities of home activities do not finish because it is the weekend or because we are going on a holiday.


Depending on your circumstances there may just be you to organise things for or it may be you and your partner and a family as well. Holidays and weekends are usually stress free times but if you are a person who requires a routine and structure to keep you stress free then you need to pre-plan what needs to be done to plan your holidays.

One of the things that happens on weekends and holidays is that you may do different activities and these activities cost money. It is important in your pre-planning that you have a budget in place to manage your expenses, such as dinner out, a movie or a holiday away.

Pre-planning also needs to consider how long you may be away from your house and what impact this will have. Some things you may need to consider before you go away are:

  • Accommodation – Have I made arrangements to pay my rent or house payments? Do I need to have someone look after my house? What kind of holiday accommodation do I need?
  • Utilities – Will I need to pay bills while I am away, are these direct debited or will they need to be paid personally?
  • Pets – Will I be gone overnight or for weeks, what do I do with my pets?
  • Finances – Do I have enough money to cover the costs of the holiday expenses and the home expenses?
  • Cards – Do I have bank cards? Are all my credit and bank cards current and not due to expire?
  • International travel – Do I have a passport, is it current, do I need a visa, do I need to take health precautions?

While you are planning your exciting weekend and holidays remember to also plan for the everyday things that still have to happen: shopping for food, personal hygiene routines, caring for yourself and others, but with all this under control, have a great time!

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