Clean the Table

Once a meal is finished it is important to clean the table of any crumbs or food spills. For those with an autism spectrum disorder, an intellectual disability or ADHD, How To Clean the Table is a step by step approach to help with this task. It can be downloaded with text and visuals or a text only version.

1. Locate cloth

<p>1. Locate cloth</p>

2. Wet cloth

<p>2. Wet cloth</p>

3. Squeeze the cloth

<p>3. Squeeze the cloth</p>

4. Go to the table

<p>4. Go to the table</p>

5. Wipe table back and forth until no crumbs remain on table

<p>5. Wipe table back and forth until no crumbs remain on table</p>

6. Place cloth back in the sink

<p>6. Place cloth back in the sink</p>

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