Possible signs of ADHD in children

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be diagnosed as young as three years of age, however it is often not identified until the school years commence. This is often due to the requirements of the school environment that requires children to adhere to social rules and attention to task to enable children to learn the curriculum content and function appropriately alongside their peers. There are a number of signs that could suggest that further investigation of ADHD may be necessary to help you support your child. Your child’s teacher or you may have observed some of the following:


Attention difficulties

  • Easily distractible in class, on the playground, at home or in the community
  • When someone is talking with your child, they appear to not be listening
  • Forgetful in class or at home and often looses things
  • Has difficulty in organising themselves to start, follow through and complete tasks
  • Has difficulty with or avoids participating in activities that require them to sit still
  • Is seen as a daydreamer

Hyperactive tendencies

  • Has difficulty remaining seated and often leaves his/her seat in class
  • Will consistently fidget with hands or feet and engages in tapping
  • Can be excessively noisy and finds playing or engaging in leisure activities very difficult
  • Runs or climbs excessively in inappropriate situations in comparison to same aged peers

Impulsive behaviours

  • Has difficulty waiting their turn
  • Seems unaware of social requirements by interrupting and intruding on others conversations and games
  • Talks excessively in class on a subject that is of interest to them at the time, talks over others or gives answers to the teacher before the question is finished

It is important to communicate with your child’s teacher and let them as much as possible about your child  so they can support his/her learning needs. Sometimes symptoms of other developmental disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) and Intellectual Disability(ID) may be suggested to you and you might wish to investigate these.

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