Holidays and weekends for adults with ADHD

The working week has ended and the weekend or holidays are about to start. While this is a less structured time for most, it can still require a degree of organisation to fit in your recreation pursuits and the responsibilities you have within your household.


If you have a partner, family, live in a share house or alone, there will still be the mundane tasks that need to be done during the weekends and on holidays alongside your leisure time.

To help your ADHD symptoms during the week you had a plan and routine to manage tasks and activities. Consider that plan you had for the weekdays and have a look at what you set aside to do on the weekend or during your holiday break. Okay now it is time to do some pre-planning for your holidays so here are some initial thoughts to get you started:


What do you plan to do, where will you go, who is going with you, how long will you be away, where will you stay.


How much is the holiday activity likely to cost, are there further costs when I get there, can I afford this, do I have a little extra cash for emergencies, are there any bills that will come while I am away that will need to be paid, are all my credit cards current.


Before leaving home have I organised for pets to be looked after, mail to be collected, let people know I will be away.

Weekends take a little less organisation but still require pre-planning.


What recreation activity am I wanting to do, what is my family involved in, can we co-ordinate these to meet everyone’s needs.


Do I need to pay bills, is there shopping to do, do my budget, file receipts, check bank balances.


Have I taken care of personal hygiene for myself and family, has house cleaning been done, is there laundry to do, does the garden require any maintenance, do my kids need help with homework, and their family functions to attend.

Establishing routines and schedules will help to keep you focused and they will become second nature to you overtime thus reducing any anxiety you may experience over the complexity of the tasks and demands on your time. Every organised person has routines they follow, you are not alone.

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