Take Clothes from Line and Put Away

Once your clothes are dry you need to bring them inside and put them away. If you are an individual with an autism spectrum disorder, an intellectual disability or ADHD you might find a task sheet to help with this beneficial. How To Hang Take Clothes from the Line and Put Away is a step by step approach to assist you with this task. It can be downloaded with text and visuals or a text only version.

1. Go outside to clothesline

<p>1. Go outside to clothesline</p>

2. Hold item and remove pegs

<p>2. Hold item and remove pegs</p>

3. Put item in basket

<p>3. Put item in basket</p>

4. Continue till all clothes are removed from line

<p>4. Continue till all clothes are removed from line</p>

5. Take clothes and pegs into laundry

<p>5. Take clothes and pegs into laundry</p>

6. Fold clothes and take to room

<p>6. Fold clothes and take to room</p>

7. Put clothes away

<p>7. Put clothes away</p>

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