Checklist for choosing a School

As a parent looking at which school will be best for your child, it is a good idea to have some questions to guide your thinking in readiness for when you begin to approach schools. For example:

  1. What curriculum do you have in place?

2. How is the curriculum delivered?

3. Who develops a child’s Individual Learning Plan?

4. How is the Plan managed alongside the curriculum?

5. How are the Plan and the curriculum evaluated?

6. How is school structured EG year levels, composite classes, vertically?

7. What qualifications do the staff have?

8. Does the staff have knowledge and experience in teaching students with specific learning needs?

9. How are the school’s resources allocated to support children with specific learning needs?

10. When are the Student Support Group meetings scheduled?

11. What is the enrolment process?

12. What documentation is required?

13. Is there a transition program?

14. How can I contact my child’s class teacher/s?

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