Community involvement for adults with ADHD

As an adult you will be well aware of community expectations in regard to being a responsible person. The greater majority of people follow these expectations and conduct themselves appropriately. Some adults however get caught up in the emotions of an activity they are involved in or consume too much of a substance eg. alcohol, and their behaviour puts themselves and others at risk.


As an adult with ADHD your symptoms may put you at greater risk if you do not put limits on yourself and strategies into place. It is well documented that alcohol and ADHD are not a good mix. If you are aware of your level of tolerance for alcohol and when to stop then you will be okay. Once you go past your limit your impulsivity, hyperactivity and social and communication skill deficits put you at risk for exhibiting unacceptable behaviour.

Your local and wider community are places to experience a wide variety of recreation and leisure activities. If you have a family then you can involve your family in your pursuits, whether they be watching and supporting you or in fact participating with you. Your local council will have information about things available in your community that you can access. For example-

  • Walking tracks
  • Bike riding tracks
  • Libraries
  • Theatre groups
  • Sporting clubs
  • Choirs and musical groups

Many of these activities require social interactions and are often opportunities to meet new people and form new friendships.

There are many online communities as well where people play games and test their skills against each other, in virtual worlds. Online communities can also be used to meet people with a view to forming a friendship. If you access these sites be aware of how to keep safe online.

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