Identify a Job

There are a number of things you can do to help to identify a job that you might be suited too. If you have an autism spectrum disorder, an intellectual disability or ADHD you might find a task sheet to help with this beneficial. The How To, Identify a Job is ready to download with text and visuals or a text only version to help you.

1. Think about your skills

<p>1. Think about your skills</p>

2. Make a list of your skills

<p>2. Make a list of your skills</p>

3. Make a list of jobs that interest you

<p>3. Make a list of jobs that interest you</p>

4. Search online for these jobs

<p>4. Search online for these jobs</p>

5. What does it say about these jobs?

<p>5. What does it say about these jobs?</p>

6. Do you have the skills?

<p>6. Do you have the skills?</p>

7. Check your list

<p>7. Check your list</p>

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