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Welcome to Think Organise Do – your e-learning platform for all things Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Intellectual Disability (ID) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

With over 350 online resources plus an inspiring community of like-minded members, Think Organise Do makes life easier for adults and children with learning difficulties.

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Hear what parents and teachers have to say about Think Organise Do

‘As a teacher the TOD resource has provided me with extensive opportunities to support the learning of students with additional needs, especially for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The visual schedules assists in my planning and development of resources specific to the needs of the students. I have been able to go straight to a printable item, and in real time use it to support a student. Great for me!’

Hear what parents and teachers have to say about Think Organise Do

‘I have found the TOD resource a valuable tool to assist a parent of a student with ASD. It created an opportunity to have support at home when the Year 10 student became overwhelmed around exam time. The student was also able to access the resources and identify her personal needs, trial strategies to reduce anxiety and implement them in conjunction with the support staff and teachers at the school. Thanks TOD!’

Hear what parents and teachers have to say about Think Organise Do

‘I have been using the Think Organize Do e-learning platform since its inception. I am a teacher in a school for students with ASD and Intellectual Disabilities, and one of my roles is organizing work experience placements. Prior to commencing their placements students have used several of the of the “How To’s” from the TOD website centred around job seeking. They found the step-by-step instructions most useful, and being able to access these ready-made resources has saved me hours of preparation time. Thank you TOD!’

Hear what parents and teachers have to say about Think Organise Do

‘I have used the visual schedule with a year 7 student who had transitioned to a mainstream secondary school. He was becoming overwhelmed with the new setting and individual organisational demands that were building up. In agreement with the student, the schedule was used to clean up his locker and he welcomed the opportunity to put a copy inside the locker door, as a prompt. He was more organised, able to bring the correct resources to class and arrived on time without the risk of detention. A great resource.’

Hear what parents and teachers have to say about Think Organise Do

‘The TOD resources can be used for many students. In teaching a student who had a health condition, he said ‘my medicine has made my brain dumb’. I was able to use the templates and How To’s to help this student focus and he regained his confidence in managing his learning tasks. Great to be able to empower students!’

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