ID and how to manage time for work

Time management is critical for success for many things in life but for work it’s essential. If you have been successful in getting a job, then you want to keep it. What a boss wants are workers who get to work on time, manage the job requirements to meet time frames and people who manage their life effectively so that it doesn’t interfere with work.

Depending on the impact that your Intellectual Disability(ID) has, you may only experience a little difficulty with time management but the more severe your ID, you will probably require the support of others to help you. Let’s have a look at these requirements a little more closely because it isn’t easy to manage all of these things at one time and due to your ID it can become a little trickier.

Many of us use calendars and electronic diaries to help organise  our busy lives so let’s see how we can put things in place for you to have good time management skills:

  • Getting to work on time- requires you to have your morning routine organised
  • Meeting time frames- needs you to first understand the job requirements and then put a system in place to help you get it done
  • Manage life effectively– what are your home commitments, and how will these be managed so as not to affect your work responsibilities
  • What clock face works best, digital or analogue and can I set an alarm clock effectively- identify which works best and make sure you have these available to you at home and work
  • How do I work out the time I need to get to work from where I live- use google maps to identify a route and then practice so you can work out what time to leave home
  • Do I drive a car, motor scooter, share a ride or take public transport- make your choice of transport make sure you are organised to leave on time

If you are able to put these strategies into place then over time you will improve your time management skills. It will take time, but it takes everyone time to learn to manage their new job, work and their family life.

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