Contact Emergency Services

There may be an occasion when you need to or you are asked by someone else to contact emergency services. This is a step by step process to help you manage this.

1. Locate phone

<p>1. Locate phone</p>

2. Dial 000

<p>2. Dial 000</p>

3. Respond to operator request

<p>3. Respond to operator request</p>

4. Identify which service you need- Police, Ambulance, Fire

<p>4. Identify which service you need- Police, Ambulance, Fire</p>

5. Give name and location

<p>5. Give name and location</p>

6. Respond to operator instructions

<p>6. Respond to operator instructions</p>

7. Wait for service to arrive

<p>7. Wait for service to arrive</p>

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