Put T-Shirt on

For anyone with an autism spectrum disorder, an intellectual disability or ADHD putting a t-shirt on can cause confusion and anxiety. How To Put a T-Shirt on can be downloaded and printed with visuals and the written steps or just written format to assist you with this task.

1. Get T-shirt

<p>1. Get T-shirt</p>

2. Open T-shirt at waistband

<p>2. Open T-shirt at waistband</p>

3. Put head through neck hole

<p>3. Put head through neck hole</p>

4. Turn T-Shirt around till label is at back of neck

<p>4. Turn T-Shirt around till label is at back of neck</p>

5. Put one hand in sleeve hole

<p>5. Put one hand in sleeve hole</p>

6. Put next hand in other sleeve hole

<p>6. Put next hand in other sleeve hole</p>

7. Pull waistband down

<p>7. Pull waistband down</p>

8. Adjust sleeves

<p>8. Adjust sleeves</p>

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