Manage my Timetable

Organisation and time management are essential for school success. Once you or your child has their timetable, this Template will assist you to work out the best method of management. It could be colour coding, pictures or numbering subject areas. Transfer this same system to your folders, books, locker and to your home study area. The sample below uses a colour coding system.



Each school will be different in how they manage timetables so consider some of the following:

  • Can I access my locker between classes
  • Do I need to take two sets of subject requirements to each lesson e.g. Class 1 & 2
  • How can I make the best use of the study class, what homework and assignments can I work on
  • Can I access technology or the library during these study times
  • Am I able to leave early on the afternoon of the study class
  • How will I manage homework on the night I have basketball training