Diagnosing ADHD

The diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) is made by trained and experienced medical professionals. Currently there is no single assessment tool available for the purpose of diagnosing ADHD. A formal diagnosis can be made by qualified medical practitioners, psychiatrists and other professionals who have specific training and experience in the diagnostic protocols.


Does my child have ADHD?

The signs and symptoms of ADHD need to be observed and recorded. A formal diagnosis is made by using observations made available by parents and the school staff where the child or teenager is attending. Evidence provided will identify symptoms which could be, a combination of overactivity and poor management of behaviour, with significant inattention and a lack of persistence to activities and tasks they are involved in.

These signs and symptoms of ADHD will be evident in almost all aspects of life and would be considered to be constant. When considering all these factors it is important to eliminate all other possible factors that may require further investigation and an alternate management and treatment.

Often teenagers and adults have not been diagnosed as children due to their symptoms being attributed to some other learning disability such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or an Intellectual Disability (ID) or due to other environmental factors. ADHD symptoms in adults may become more apparent with the increasing demands of work requirements and general responsibilities for managing daily life.

For teenagers or adults your health professional will be able to assist in a diagnosis if you are experiencing symptoms that have persisted and are having a negative impact upon your social, academic or work activities.

Whatever the age, if a diagnosis is received then strategies can be put in place to assist in managing the symptoms of ADHD. Many of these can be found throughout this website and are all designed to help you to manage.

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