Community involvement for a child with an ID

Being able to explore leisure possibilities in the community is a great thing for your child to be a part of. You have taught your child many skills in their early years and they will be learning more in their years at primary school. The community provides many opportunities for your child to develop socially, emotionally and physically.


Depending on your child’s interests and level of capability some leisure options to pursue either by participation in or being a spectator, could include:

  • Sporting- athletics, basketball, football, bowling, netball, swimming, gymnastics
  • Community groups- scouts, clubs, rovers, guides
  • Social- play dates, parties, family gatherings, visits to playgrounds and adventure parks

When accessing the community for leisure activities remember potential safety issues that may put your child risk. Plan ahead, think about possible risks and put a plan into action to minimise and/or eliminate the risk. If you are aware that your child is a risk taker, talk to the primary school staff to see what they have put in place to assist your child at school and have a similar approach when you are out.

If your child responds well to the use of a schedule, remember to create one for your community activities. It will help your child to understand what is going to happen but it will also help you to time limit activities.

The severity of your child’s ID may require a lot more planning for accessing the community. You may also need to disclose information about your child to the groups or teams they become a part of. This will enable them to learn about your child and disability in general, but it will also help them understand what they can do to include your child in the activity and assist in their growth and development.

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