Holidays and weekends for a teenager with ASD

Teenagers generally spend a lot of time sleeping, this may not be the case for you as a teenager with ASD as sleep is one of the challenges for you. Holidays and weekends are your time away from the structured routines of school. You however, may enjoy and need these routines to help you manage the days and weeks of the break periods. This is okay as you will by now, have well established ways of managing your days .


You should chat with your family and talk to them about their plans for the breaks and how your plans will be managed alongside these. It is not always possible to fit everything in that you want to do. Remember you are part of a family and there has to be co-operation between everyone to make things work.

Ask your parents what they have planned and check this with what you have planned and see if something can be negotiated. Then plan out your schedule to help you keep focus, reduce your anxiety and get the most out of your days and weeks.

Your family may be planning a holiday away. As a teenager with ASD this could be a stressor for you, so start planning once you know this is a possibility. Consider your personal techniques that relax you in stressful situations, also things like choosing appropriate clothing for the new environment you will be in during the holiday and activities that you might like to take with you.

These holiday and weekend break times can also be a very social time which adds another level of complexity for you as a teenager with ASD. Conversations and the etiquette around them can be difficult. You will by now know your capabilities in this area so use these times to practice your skills and develop your abilities.

Remember the teenage years are difficult for all teenagers. You are not alone! You will be experiencing all the same uncertainties and emotions of your school mates so try to keep calm, use your skills and the practice strategies you have in place and enjoy!

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