Holidays and weekends for an adult with ID

The weekend and holidays have arrived and now you need to plan what you will do during this time. These times tend to be more relaxed but you still have responsibilities to manage during these periods.


So have a think about what leisure options you would like to do first and then we will see how to manage these. Let’s think about a few options, you will be able to add to these:

  • Go to a family function
  • Go to a sporting event with my friends
  • Go on a holiday
  • Go swimming
  • Read a book
  • Play with my kids if I have kids

Okay now you have thought about a few things, what do you need to put in place so these can happen. What are the things that still need to be done at home so you stay in control and don’t get overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. So think about-

  • Has the shopping been done
  • Have the bills been paid
  • Have I washed the clothes and cleaned the house
  • Is there any home maintenance that needs doing
  • If I have kids have they organised their homework
  • Do the kids have commitments that I need to consider

To get all of this under control, get yourself organised and plan out the possibilities. When there are so many things to be done if you organise your time it will be more manageable. If you know that you have an Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) as well as your Intellectual Disability then you are going to need to structure this time to stop you from becoming anxious at the thought of managing all of this. Once you have worked out how to manage all your commitments then you will be able to have your leisure time. Remember that each weekend and holiday can be different and we need to be flexible, so you get to do everything you need to do, enjoy other things.

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