ID, teenagers and organising leisure time

The teenage years are about enjoyment, being with friends, finding new things to do and preparing to become an adult. While some of your time will be taken up with leisure activities many of you will need to balance a social life with friends, homework, sporting activities and a part time job. Teens with a severe Intellectual Disability(ID) are going to require adult assistance with many aspects of leisure time activity. You may have many adults involved in your life already who assist you to manage leisure activities, sporting events and your personal hygiene routines.


Teens who have been involved in sporting activities in their primary school years may well continue these activities and will need to find a way of balancing all activities by being organised. If you are still finding that you haven’t found a leisure activity that you enjoy, one that holds your interest or you would like to try something new, you need to think about this and organise your thoughts.

Teenagers are expected to be taking responsibility for themselves and helping out around the house. This will take up some of your leisure time but it is part of growing up. It is also about preparing you for the future so that you know how to look after yourself by doing things such as managing your personal hygiene, shopping, laundry, cleaning and cooking.

School responsibilities like homework, sporting activities and maintaining your friendships will need be to organised as well. If you have an Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD)  you are going to require more structure in organising things so you don’t become anxious about all the demands on your time.

Your teenage years are a time for enjoyment and having fun. You can explore new ways of occupying your time which may lead to a future career path, job opportunities and new friendships.

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