Use Public Transport

Using public transport requires many actions and processes. If you have ADHD, an autism spectrum disorder or an intellectual disability then you may benefit from a step by step process to help you. How To Use Public Transport is ready to download with text and visuals or a text only version to help you.

1. Identify destination

<p>1. Identify destination</p>

2. Check transport timetable

<p>2. Check transport timetable</p>

3. Identify departure time

<p>3. Identify departure time</p>

4. Collect personal items

<p>4. Collect personal items</p>

5. Get to stop/station (Bus/Train)

<p>5. Get to stop/station (Bus/Train)</p>

6. Swipe on or pay fare

<p>6. Swipe on or pay fare</p>

7. Locate a seat or stand

<p>7. Locate a seat or stand</p>

8. Disembark at destination

<p>8. Disembark at destination</p>

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