Autism Teaching Strategies & Training for Teachers

Teaching children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) requires a knowledge and understanding of how each individual processes the information that surrounds them and how they interpret and respond to that information.

Autism Strategies for Preschool Teachers

Preschool teachers and carers are in a unique position to develop early learning strategies and social skills for children with ASD. The formative years in a child’s development are crucial and more so for children with autism.  When you are a preschool teacher working alongside a child with autism you can create scaffolds for learning that will set children on a path for success leading into primary school. Preschool teachers need to have current knowledge of how to engage with and help develop skills in the autistic student with whom they are working. Specific programming activities can help young children with ASD to better understand the world around them and achieve positive outcomes. Learn about being a preschool teacher and teaching kids with autism and put in place strategies while optimising the resources currently in your centre.

Primary and Secondary Teachers

Primary or secondary school teachers require specific resources and strategies to help accommodate the learning needs of students with ASD. Individualised planning will assist you to focus on the specific area of need for your students with ASD through improved knowledge, resources and strategies focused on meeting the needs of your students. As your students advance through the school years and enter post school study, training or the workforce they will as adults, continue to require supports that trainers, educators and employers need to be aware of.

Training Courses for ASD

Our courses for teachers, trainers, carers and assistants will equip you with knowledge to support the learning and development of children and students in your care. Our informative sessions will provide insights into the learning requirements, communication challenges, social development and future pathways for individuals who have an autism spectrum disorder and assist you with teaching kids with autism.

Autism Courses for Teachers

Evidenced based autism training courses can help provide an insight into what the child or young person with autism needs. Our training courses and ASD resources for teachers will provide you with information, resources and strategies to help make your teaching day and the students day of learning and socialisation a success. Our training is designed to help you to become more familiar with;

  • What ASD is and how it affects an individual
  • Effective autism strategies
  • Cognitive processes that impact upon the learning of children with ASD
  • Co-existing disorders and how this impacts upon the child with ASD
  • Increase your knowledge of how the brain works and how the child with ASD learns
  • Using your knowledge to develop specific ways to interact and teach your students with ASD
  • The importance of play in the young child with ASD
  • Consider the varying factors that impinge on learning, communication, socialisation and develop teaching strategies that will overcome these challenges
  • Understanding the need for collaborative work and how to structure this for success
  • Look at the environmental structures that can be modified to improve and support self managed learning strategies for your students
  • Developing inclusive curriculum practices in schools for students with ASD
  • How to manage individualised learning within the classroom content
  • Psychological and teacher assessments, how to use both to support your student with ASD
  • Managing the social and emotional development of your students
  • Supporting and developing the many positive attributes of the child/student with ASD

ASD Resources and Autism Strategies to Help Students with Learning

Further to this there are many inhibitors to the learning and positive social interactions for those on the autism spectrum. Our asd resources and autism training for teachers are here to help you with resources and strategies to support you in supporting your students.  Training courses have been developed to meet your style of learning, your location and to fit into your schedule. We are able to provide;

  • Workshops situated at suburban, regional and national venues delivering specific content addressing various topics that challenge our population of students with additional learning needs.

  • Live webinars have been developed for topic specific information in the varying aspects of autism spectrum disorder to develop your understanding and provide strategies and resources to assist you. Live webinars enable you to learn in an interactive collaborative environment with your peers and the webinar facilitator.

  • On demand webinars are pre recorded and accessible to you at any time. On demand webinars allow you to schedule your learning time around your commitments and provides the same quality of knowledge but without the peer and facilitator interaction.

  • Customised learning sessions where we come to you and are able deliver training according to the needs of your centre, school or workplace.

Whatever your professional learning needs are in learning more about Autism Spectrum Disorder, you will find a variety of options available from our suite of topics and via our varying modes of delivery; workshops, live webinars, on demand webinars and customised learning sessions. Evidenced based targeted sessions will ensure your needs are met to support children at pre-school level, primary and secondary students, post school students and for those transitioning to the workplace. To learn more about autism courses for teachers contact us directly or visit