ADHD Teaching Strategies & Advice for Teachers

For teachers, a student with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) can present many challenges for the classroom dynamic. The inattentive, impulsive and hyperactive nature of children and students with ADHD can be a constant disruption to the flow of a class session and can result in behavioural outbursts.

Understanding ADHD for Preschool Teachers

Preschool teachers may encounter a child that is overly exuberant, constantly on the move and has great difficulty in maintaining focus to a task or play situation. While this may be normal excitement of the learning environment it should settle over time by the routines established. However, it may be that you are the first observers of ADHD symptoms as the child is unable to manage themselves within the structures of your centre as other children do. This is an important time to make sure you have the relevant information about ADHD and resources and strategies to help you and the students in your care.

ADHD Strategies for Primary School Teachers

Primary and secondary teachers of students diagnosed with ADHD and those without a formal diagnosis but who exhibit symptoms require knowledge, resources and strategies to help them to manage the learning needs of the students in their class. There are many specific teaching strategies that will support primary and secondary teachers to help manage the learning requirements of students with ADHD.

Teaching Kids with ADHD

ADHD training for teachers, trainers, carers and assistants will provide you with the knowledge required to better support the learning and development of children and students in your care. Professional learning sessions will give you insights into the cognitive and behavioural requirements of your students. Social development is extremely important for students with ADHD so they learn and understand the impact of their symptoms on those around them to avoid social isolation.

ADHD Training for Teachers

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) training courses can help provide an insight into what the child or young person with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder requires to optimise their learning. Our training course will provide you with information, resources and strategies to help make your teaching day and the students day of learning and socialisation a success. Our training is designed to help you to become more familiar with;

  • What ADHD is and how it affects an individual
  • Cognitive processes that impact upon the learning of children with ADHD
  • Co-existing disorders and how this impacts upon the child with ADHD
  • Increase your knowledge of how the brain works and how the child with ADHD learns
  • ADHD advice for teachers
  • ADHD strategies to pre-empt and manage disruptive behaviours
  • Management techniques to promote organisation skills
  • Strategies to support positive behaviours
  • Specific strategies to manage; inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness
  • Teaching strategies to support effective classroom management
  • Teaching methods to support learning for the student with ADHD
  • Supporting and developing the positive attributes of the student with ADHD

ADHD Training, Resources and Strategies to help ADHD students with learning

For the student with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) there are many inhibitors to learning and positive social interactions. Our training courses and workshops will provide you with resources and strategies to support you in supporting your students.  Our ADHD advice for teachers have been developed to meet your style of learning, your location and to fit into your schedule.

  • Workshops delivering specific content addressing various topics that challenge our population of students with additional learning needs are scheduled to take to take place at suburban, regional and national venues.

  • We are able to provide customised programs where we come to you and are able deliver training according to the needs of your centre, school or workplace.

  • Live webinars deliver topic specific information in the varying aspects of ADHD to develop your understanding of the complexity of this disorder and will provide you with strategies and resources. Live webinars enable you to learn in an interactive collaborative environment with your peers and the webinar facilitator.

  • On demand webinars are pre recorded and accessible to you at any time. On demand allows you to schedule your learning time around your schedule and provides the same quality of knowledge but without the peer and facilitator interaction.


Whatever your professional learning needs are in regard to ADHD strategies or other areas of challenge for students with additional learning needs, you will find a variety of options available.  Our suite of evidenced based topics and the varied modes of delivery; workshops, live webinars, on demand webinars, customised learning sessions will ensure you have access to quality professional learning that fits your schedule. Targeted sessions will ensure your needs are met to support children at preschool level, primary and secondary students, post school students and for those transitioning to the workplace. To learn more about ADHD training strategies for teachers and understanding ADHD for teachers contact us directly or visit us at